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Whitley Bay Locksmith Customer Feedback!

Whitley Bay Locksmith customers  always give Whitley Bay Locksmiths the BIG thumbs up. We believe this speaks volumes as customers who have just been ripped off after a job wont smile and give you a BIG thumbs up but customers that have saved money, had a quality trustworthy service that is reliable will give you the best feedback, so much so they are will to have a photo taken in support of our Whitley Bay Locksmith Service. Whitley Bay Locksmith stand for trust, quality and  loyalty to our brand and ethics of customer satisfaction. 

Chris came out to help me back into my new house. I had lost my keys and a friend recommended Chris. He was on time, rely nice chap too. I would definitely recommend Whitley Bay Locksmith. 

Philip - Locked Out

We had Whitley Bay Locksmith out to my new house to change all door locks. Chris did a really good deal, 3 new locks and door services for just £120, everyone else wanted over £200. I would highly recommend Chris.

Joan - New Home Owner

We called Whitley Bay Locksmith, recommended by my friend. We had just been burgled. I was unsure who to trust but knowing Chris was an ex police officer filled me with trust and comfort and I can't recommend him enough. 

Bev - Burglary 

Areas Of Service

Meeting All of Your Needs

Whitley Bay Locksmith offer a low cost locksmith solution in Whitley Bay, Tynemouth and Newcastle. We try not to charge by the hour but aim to charge for the job with labour costs as low as £29.99 per hour depending on the job and requirements when all other locksmiths are £65 per hour. We aim to try to only charge as much as £45 for the whole job even if Whitley Bay Locksmith were on site for 2 hours. Whitley Bay Locksmith also do not charge you VAT saving you a further 20% on your bill. Whitley Bay Locksmith also do not have a call out fee. Average call out fee in Whitley Bay and Tynemouth is £100 before the locksmith has even touched a tool! Don't fall victim to out of area locksmiths who will see fit charge you the world for a squirt of oil! 

Rapid Response

Whitley Bay Locksmith offer a rapid response rate knowing that in some situations time i of the essence. We aim to be with you within 15 minutes in Whitley Bay and Tynemouth. 30 minutes to all over areas. We aim for 1 hour resolution when parts are available.


Where Whitley Bay Locksmith can we will repair your existing locks, mechanisms if we can or we will look at replacing the damaged item with a cost effective parts. We only fit British Standard and we wont supply cheap copies. We only fit the best for peace of mind.


Whitley Bay Locksmith offer the best in parts at cost price where we can. Whitley Bay Locksmith aim to offer replacement parts on the job. However it is not possible to carry every part, sometimes we need to go back our lock up for items but aim to have  1 hour resolution. 

Get in Touch

Message Whitley Bay Locksmith for a no obligation quote today. We can also give you a call back service. 

Whitley Bay Locksmith are a 24 hour emergency locksmith that offers a full locksmith service in Whitley Bay, North Shields, Tynemouth, New York, Murton, Wallsend, Silverlink, Killingworth, Forest Hall, Jesmond, Gosforth, Monkseaton, Longbenton and all ares of Newcastle upon Tyne.


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