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Whitley Bay Locksmith on High Security Locks

Should you buy the best on the market? The simple answer is if you are a responsible home owner who takes advantage of our yearly service plan and maintains your doors and hinges and does not lose your keys excessively then absolutely YES! We can offer the highest security locks on the marketplace and ensure your home is lock safe.

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Take advantage of our yearly UPVC service package for only £34.99 by contacting us at


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Whitley Bay Locksmith are a 24 hour emergency locksmith that offers a full locksmith service in Whitley Bay, North Shields, Tynemouth, New York, Murton, Wallsend, Silverlink, Killingworth, Forest Hall, Jesmond, Gosforth, Monkseaton, Longbenton and all ares of Newcastle upon Tyne.


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